“Choose Something Like A Star” by Robert Frost

It has been two weeks since my last post.  Viruses (human and computer), busy school demands, a computer crash (unrelated to the virus), home appliance issues, and general pre-holiday business have conspired to keep me from the blogosphere.  But I promise to make it up with several posts in the next two weeks, since I have the time off.

Today’s anthology entry is Choose Something Like A Star by Robert Frost.  It is a personal favorite of mine, and was a favorite of Frost’s as well — he selected it to appear in Paul Engle’s 1962 anthology Poet’s Choice.  It was the first poem I ever memorized, and it is the only one that I have not subsequently forgotten.  I find it is a useful poem to keep handy in the mind these days.

In the midst of a chaotic couple of weeks when little problems stack up to give the appearance of larger problems, it is hard to remember that such an appearance is usually false.  As my Granny used to say, “there are problems, and then there are real problems.”  As the holidays approach, and the families gather (for better or worse), and the bustling, shopping, baking, wrapping, and errands close in around you, I bid you look up now and then to find a star — or something like it — to stay your mind on.

Choose Something Like A Star by Robert Frost (from the Poem of the Day blog)

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